Left ankle swelling?

My dad is 50 years…and just only today he woke up and had major pain on his left ankle…after about 5 hours later it started to swell…and he couldn’t walk at all…and we rubbed bangay and some icy-hot…but nothing seems to work…I dont know what to do…please help…we were going to give him advil but he’s taking a plavix which is a blod thinner so he can’t take it…what should I do…he doesn’t even want to go to the hospital… Help !!!

Answer #1

I’m not sure what it is, but you can call the hospital or your local clinic and tell them that your father refuses to get medical help and but you are concerned for him. You can ask them for their help through the phone, they might give you first aid advice.

Answer #2

you can contact a doctor without going to the hospital via phone or internet

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