What helps with pain from a broken ankle that doesn't need a prescription?

They don’t let me have refills for my medicine because supposely some people like to abuse it and use it for other purposes that doesn’t have to do with pain, but I have really bad pain with my broken ankle, and Im running out because I don’t take it once a day, I take it 6 to 8 hours, and it doesn’t always work, so what medicine can I get without a presciption for pain besides motrin, I need something really works?

Answer #1

The most any over-the-counter pain remedy will do is take the edge off. Sometimes, life deals us some pretty painful blows, but you just have to grin and bear it. I can guarantee, this is not the worst pain you will ever encounter.

Answer #2

OOh, I empathize completely! I’ve got screws in mine, so I know how painful it can be. :( Call your doctor and explain the pain you are in, and that the meds don’t always help the pain. The doc may be able to write a new one for you and you could have someone pick it up for you. Most doctors are more than happy to do that for you.

Answer #3

i dnt kno anything perssoanly but think of it like this - the pain u sustain and fight today makes u stronger tommrow. be strong!

Answer #4

I crashed my bike a few times, hurt it playing football, and I have tried all the over the counter medicines but the pain is still there and I refuse to go see the doctor. I know he will insist I need surgery and make me stop doing some of the activities I enjoy, so I avoid doing that and just gut it out.

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