I think im fat. I stop eating a lot.

I think im fat. I stop eating a lot. and people tell me im not fat. but I still feel fat. I dont know what to do. & I dont want ta go all the way. & not eating at all. I mean I love ta eat, but I feel like im eating to much. and I do sports. and like run around like normal kids. but still feel fat.

Answer #1

most people got hrough that… especially girls.

Please PLEASE dont stop eating or start throwing up!!!

Just eat healthy + water + excersize, and it will come off IF you are not already skinny. You do appear pretty healthy in your photo, the way most guys like it :)

Answer #2

this sounds exactly like me but yea you just got to think positive if you don’t like your weigth go on a GOOD diet and drink plenty of water exercise a lot and you shold be fine

but 1s t you have to learn how to love your body like I have done you can do it :]

Answer #3

everyone goes through a time in their life where they feel like that, but PLEASE dont obsess over it! You are not fat and your are fine as you are…trust me…start to obsess over weight and you wont be happy no matter what you look like and you will end up losing out on so much. (Mother of a 15 yr old w/ anorexia, diagnosed at 14)

Answer #4

do a lt of walking and then you will feel good about yourself and by thinking you are doing a lot of exercise your mind set will change and you will think that you are losing weight when in fact you are just staying healthy.

hope I could help you..

Answer #5

I feel the same but dont stop eating just cut out pop and work out 20 minutes a day thats what I do/

Answer #6

I’ve heard that a lot from peeps… dont get obsessed wiht your weight… its only a number… and another thing (us guys HATE real skinny girls… )… love yourself just how you are… eat when your hungry… then go run around or do sports… and DONT EVER try to lose soo much weight you turn anorexic… when I see people do that to themselves it makes me cry… dont worry about your weight… and dont think of yourself as fat…

Answer #7

I get like that a lot, I’ve made myself throw up a few times… but my whole throat swelled up really really badly last time and I got scared I wouldn’t b able to breath, so I won’t do it again and please never do it either. I don’t no about you, but I don’t think I’m fat now, I just worry my weight will get out of control and I will get fat. try not to think about it, concentrate on your personality as much as you can, it’s more important.

Answer #8

one of the problems with the world today is vanity…you see it every where…from magazines to the television…you focus too much on the hype. look at your self you are beautiful girl. instead of thinking wht other people look like compared to what you THINK you look like…look at your self in the mirror everyday and know that you are beautiful and thin…tell your self that everyday! people tell you that you are not fat for a reason…simply cause your not!!

Answer #9

I feel exactly the same way..

Answer #10

I know how you feel… just learn to accept I guess. good luck.

Answer #11

From you picture I can safely say that you are no where near fat. You look absolutely perfect. Not eating/not eating enough will make you loose any curves (chest etc) that you have and no matter what you think it will make you less attractive. I keep going on about this on all of my flipping answers :P but it has actually been proven through psychological studies that people are more attracted to people who have a BMI of 18.5 and onwards (the most attractive was proven to be a BMI of 20) the skinnier you get the more unhealthy you look. You wont look like a girl/woman anymore, you will look like a pale, ill, stick who is freezing cold all the time, much more vulnerable to illnesses, who gets cramps, who could develop digestive problems such as IBS which can be so painful, who is tired all the time, who is just miserable and NOT attractive. That doesn’t mean you have to eat loads and be fat or anything, it just means that you should eat enough. Breakfast (such as a bowl of cereal-not a few grains a whole bowl with milk or toast with peanut butter etc) lunch (a sandwhich and a piece of fruit or cereal bar etc) and a dinner (e.g pasta or roast dinner) and it is also best to have a few snacks in between those meals. If you do that and exercise (swimming, cycling, walking and aerobics are effective) you will be healthy and slim in no time.

Answer #12

Please, whatever you do, don’t turn anorexic or bulimic. That would just turn your very beautiful person into a medical nightmare.

I’m a little fat myself (and I have a gut). Unlike you. You’re, well, beautiful. You do enough sports and such that even if you ate a Michael Phelps diet you could probably work it all off. I used to work with the cheerleaders in high school and I’ve seen them work. You do a LOT of physical activity.

One main thing you have to do is increase your self-esteem. Your thoughts of “I’m fat” shows a low self-esteem. You have to believe in yourself. Make yourself believe that “I am a gorgeous girl and everybody wants me.” lol It may be a little eccentric and wild but it’s a start. Just say “I’m pretty,” but the only way you’ll see it is if you believe it.

Not many guys like a girl with low self-esteem. It also makes you a target and a person that’s easy to take advantage of. You don’t want that. Just stay who you are and what you are and believe what others believe: “You are very pretty.”

P.S. That little amount of pooge (or however they spell it) or that little bit of belly is damn sexy! lol

Answer #13

One good idea may be to check your BMI index .Body to mass index.Just give a search on google and it will let you know if your body weight is normal or not . If you are just feeling like to eat ,it might be due to depression,broken relationship ,loneliness ,and passive life style . Also one more thing if your weight is within the limits and still you are feeling too much hungry all the times it might be due to parasites .(gut worms ). Also another idea is to make a table of what you eat during the week and you will know automatically that if you are eating too mcuh or too little .Also remember to enjoy life and having fun as this will keep you active and fit.let us know how you are doing now and take care .Best of Luck .

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