Do you go to church?

do you go to church?

Answer #1

Definitely ! - keeps my praise batteries charged and I learn sooo much !!

Answer #2

Yep, as a greeter, teacher, prayer and announcement leader, for prayer and praise, Wednesday 6 in the morning men’s breakfast, then Wednesday evenings for fellowship dinners and next Wed is the last as we break for the busy summer months and resume in the fall, to go with my boys to Sunday school, worship, and youth(we just hired a wonderful young man from Tennessee to be the minister of youth and worship and his wife is helping us during lambing–what a joy to be around), spiritual council meeting on the first Thursday of each month, Consistory on the third Thursday of each month, I live 60 miles from church (except for lambing where it is 5 miles) and I don’t make every event. I go to Worship The Lord Our Creator for Who He Is. As others have said, to fulfill The Great Commission and spread the Good News. The sky is the limit for growth! As a sponge gets filled, it needs wrung out to hold more, that is why the Good News is heard and then “go into all the world and teach to family, friends, everyone: (Jerusalem, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth). It is so humbling to know that a quarter of our 400,000 dollar budget is sent to help support missionary families in Kenya and Somalia Africa, Egypt, American Samoa Hawaii, Russia, and some in the states.

Now, what manner of love of all humans is that?

Answer #3

yah all the time

Answer #4

I go to church regularly and I love it. Now, as a child until now, I didn’t go to church but, now that I go, I have a stronger testamony, and the spirit is with me everyday. If I didn’t go to church, I probably be stuck with Satan and I wouldn’t want that. I try to be as active in my church as possible. So, to answer your question, yes I do go to church every Sunday and I’ll never stop going.

Answer #5

I am a recovering catholic. I go for the family on xmas & easter, and weddings, christenings, and funerals. Thats about it. Stopped taking communion and saying prayers a long time ago.

Answer #6

no, not for myself. I go to temple once a year with my mother to the yahrzeit service to say the kaddish for my father. it is out of respect, not belief.

Answer #7

yes. sescond calvary

Answer #8


please provide some evidence of your claim that nothing in your religion is superstitious

Answer #9

Used to. But not anymore, I haven’t been for a few years now. The last time was for a christening.

Answer #10

trust me nothing in my religion is supertitious its all down to groud a awsome!!!

Answer #11

Never - wouldn’t want my reason batteries to run down - and I’d hate to replace the facts in my head with superstition.

Answer #12

yes I go to church every day my church is located in Asheboro and I live in Winston-Salem long way but its worth it

Answer #13

Yes I do on sabbath the seventh day of the week

Answer #14

For what? to waste time whorshipping a God that is completly imaginary?

Answer #15

Only as often as they open the doors. I love fellowship with other believers.

Answer #16

Yes, every Sunday. :)

Answer #17

Nope. I have when I was little, but not anymore. I don’t really believe in God now.


Answer #18


Answer #19

no. im not religious. but ill go with my friend sometimes, b/c I want to experience everything before I die.

Answer #20

what is lambing?

Answer #21

I go to church every time its open. they are my family and I have an awesome time, in worship I do flags. and the preaching is to die for. I go to worship service on weds night. and any special services that come up.

Answer #22

If I’m in a church, it pretty much means someone died or is getting married.

Answer #23

Every second sunday then every wedesday I have youth group which I go to!!

Answer #24

sure do. every sunday.

Answer #25

Yes, I love to be in an annointed service, where the presence of God is very real. There is nothing like it. I come away filled up and ready for another day, on planet earth. To me, it is a little bit of heaven on earth. I am very sorry for those that have not found this fullfillment.

God be with you.

Answer #26

sometimes I do :p

Answer #27

sure do. every sunday.

Answer #28

Yes, that’s the only place where I spend time with myself and relax my mind. The main motive behind going to church, apart from worshiping is to serve the Almighty in every possible way I can. There I can help the needy, the poor, orphans and also reach to all those for whom I could make their situations even a bit favorable. Apart from relating to my friends, I get to know about lot many things which are helpful and make me realize about the importance of my life and the way it should be offered in His service.

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