Who going to church tomorrow?

The question is whos going to church tomorrow. I am I love church and we should all attend. JUst a curiosity!

Answer #1

Jeeze is it Christmas again already?

Answer #2

Yeah, I’m not. I’d rather sleep in on Sundays.

Answer #3

Why do you think EVERYONE should attend church?

Answer #4

I probably should.

Answer #5

I’m going !!:)

Answer #6

I’m going. I work there.

Answer #7

Nope. But since I live two doors down from one, I’ll undoubtedly be woken up by the damn bells. Again.

Answer #8

iim going :] !

Answer #9

Not a chance in hell!

Answer #10

I go church every sunday

it’s awesum :D there are soo many people that come there too!!

and the band is awesumer!! I love the guitar solo in the middle of this rock song

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