Is this pink eye ?

Recently, since thanksgiving actually, it was just my right eye, it keeps getting all red, & every 10-15 minutes theres stuff coming out of them. It’s usually this white gooey stuff. (eww) It hurts like hell. The little red part thats like next to your nose is like the part thats hurting the most, it feels like someones poking it with a needle or something. I’m having really bad trouble opening my eyes in the morning. It keeps getting blurry every few seconds & i have to blink it off but then it comes back in a matter of seconds. Starting today, it’s both eyes. I’m probably gonna go to a doctor sooner or later because it’s bugging me so much. Pink eye ? o.e

Answer #1

Not sure if it’s pink eye but you do have an infection.Go to a doctor right away.And also close your eye and put a cold wash cloth on it.

Answer #2

kinda sounds like Bacterial and viral pink eye the whole white part of ur red will be red and itchy too..

at the same time it sounds like a sty too.. they can puss and cause your eye to hurt espec near the tear ducts which is the corners but if its a sty .. you would see sort of a bump like a large white pimple around ur eye could be on the eyelide.. in the tear ducts inside eyelide etc

Answer #3

It doesn’t sound like pink eye to me. Make sure you don’t rub it or try to scratch it, as this can cause spreading and cross-contamination. I recommend just taking a pain killer and going to the doctor. Hopefully, nothing bad happens to you. Best of luck :)

Answer #4

no no no theres no pimple or nothin like that. BUt if i hold up my eyelid & look theres like white build up. eww

Answer #5

its def some sort of infection like funnyboy said make sure if u rub your eyes to clean ur hands right after cuz it could be contagious

Answer #6

A sty in both eyes is rare, but sounds like an infection. You need to see a MD to get a prescription for drops or some OTC medication- here you can get ciprofloxacin drops without a Rx- best not to delay treatment. Until then alternating warm & cool compresses will help- use gauze pads and throw them out after each application. Your analgesic of choice will help with the pain.

Answer #7

i get sty’s in both my eyes all the time.. so its not too rare.. my eyes have a nack for getting sty’s

Answer #8

Turns out, it is pink eye. & now, i can’t go back to school until monday. This suckkks. Dx

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