Pimples" killing me!!!help

Hi…I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of my pimples more than a year now unfortunately it doesnt really work out…I got lots of piplmes on my forehead and cheeks and it is so embarassing the way they look.honestly my skin was so perfect before but rite after I gave birth to my son all of this starts happening…and its really killing me…most of the tymes I want to go hang out but my pimples really dont help me go anywhere…sucks!!!I’ve tried many other cream and treatment from pharmacies but still So please will you help me with a solution Much appreciated Thanks Isabella

Answer #1

GO ON ACCUTAINE> ask your dermotologist. it cleared me up. it has huge sideeffects so only o on it if you need to.

I recomend it

Answer #2

I used a couple different methods to get rid of my pimples . if one doesnt work I use another. -crush 2 asprins (ex advil or tylemnol etc. but not liguid gel one tho) and add a tiny bit of water to it. just enough so it is pasty then put on each pimple and leave on overnight. then rinse with water in the morning. -also put toothpaste on them and leave on overnight. rinse in the mornin. -if that still doesnt work put visine (eye drops) on them and it takes away the redness so it will be your regualr skin color with just little bumps.

hope I could help. good luck.

Answer #3

To tell you the truth; the stuff they sell dont work. you just need to wash your face dialy and buy some soap with olive oil. wash you face with your olive oil soqp 1-2 times a day and BAM! theyre gone

Answer #4

since different things work for different people neutrogena has this wave thing that it asks you questions about your skin and based on what you answer they tell you what to use

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