I want to go get my tragus pierced, does it hurt a lot?

I want to go get my tragus (tragust I don’t know how to spell it) pierced and I was just wondering from whose had it done or has heard about it, how much it really hurts. I know it’ll hurt a little cause it’s cartlidge, but I’m just wondering if it’s like severly painful.. lol

thanks. =)

Answer #1

A tragus is the little piece of cartelidge in your ear that is right next to your head.

I’m not going to lie either, it does hurt. But the pain is fleeting, it doesn’t last long at all.

I got mine done then a month later had to have an emergency surgery so I ended up having to have them re-pierced which hurt even more.

Answer #2

I just got mine done last month and I didn’t even feel it, it doesn’t hurt at all. and I love it it looks great I’m going to get my other one done too

Answer #3

I’m not going to lie – IT HURTS !! I got mine done a year ago && it was so painful – but it wasn’t like HORRIBLE excruciating pain but it does hurt !!! you just have to make sure you absolutely keep it clean though cause it’s very easy to get it infected!

Answer #4

Ouch.. lol I still plan on getting my done.. But I’m a big baby, I hope I can handle it cause it’s so cool looking. lmao

Thanks guys. <3

Answer #5

…whats a tragus?

Answer #6

I’ve had mine for about a year now but after like 6 months I took it out and oculdnt get it back in again so it heeled then I got it done again but to be honest..I thought it would hurt so much so I prepared myself kinda but ill be honest..it didnt hurt that much the pain lasted for literally about a second then when the actual earring went through that hurt the most for me but everythin was over in like 5 seconds so yeah if your thinkin about gettin one get it done!! I love mine

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