Why? Is it bad my tragus piercing still kinda hurts?

I got my tragus pierced a little more than a week ago and it hurt pretty bad at first it’s gotten better but it still kinda hurts when I clean it and if I touch my tragus is that normal or should I be concerned that its infected or something?

Answer #1

That’s fairly normal. Piercings tend to hurt up until they are fully healed…

If at any point your tragus either; swells, get red and itchy, has puss coming out with a green-ish tint to it. as well as it being sore then your might be getting an infection.

But if none of those things are present you should be fine. =]

Answer #2

Nope, that’s normal.. piercings are going to hurt for a while, especially cartilage piercings. My cartilage piercings still hurt every now and then and I have had them pierced for 5 years. Just make sure you keep it clean and don’t touch it too much.

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