Which foods contain estrogen so i can get bigger boobs?

which foods contain estrogen,and I am 19 do I have a chance to get bigger boobs

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i'm not sure why this is but pasta seems to be one of those foods that makes you curvy adds some "oompf" to your body. it's most likely the large fat content

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Expert opinion agrees that there is no specific food that will make your boobs and butt bigger. Food means calories and calories do not target specific parts of your body.

Yes, you can probably grow a bigger butt and bigger breasts by eating more. As your body gets fatter so will your butt and boobs.

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Well, all the hormones in beef have been blamed for making girls develop earlier... so maybe you could try eating more beef. In general, since boobs are made of fat, any foods with high fat content will help make your boobs bigger... but other parts of your body as well, probably.

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try soy milk. It has a lot of estrogen

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Well, soy products supposidly have estrogen like hormones, but it is so small, it really is not going to help. Besides, your body may mature more as you get older. Why worry about your boob? Be a kind, nice and carring person does more for someone than the size of their boobs.

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massage and if the benge paddle you have to get another wife ,women is our passion more if you could get two women happy this more gratefull or maybe three why not, I love women so much I didnot Hide this kind of passion

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well, since I was 10 I've been eating just plain old peanutbutter and soymilk and now im a 36b, hope it works for you!

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dimecurves have estrogen.. I want to try them but im scared they dont work?

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ah haa. im 16 and have a 4 month old son. went from a A to a D. but dont get preggo. just take those Bloussant pills. but they cost like $689.95.

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Bigger boobs without excess weight gain depends on your genetics. I was flat chested until I was about 26, then I blossomed like my paternal grandmother. I did nothing special. but the last answer was right on, there is no magc formula or foods that will enhance breast size. Invest in a good professionally fitted bra that will make the most of what you already have.

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There's a solution that you could take everyday..1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, half a tbs of sugar, with 1 cup of water.

Another is to mix 2 scoops of protein powder that you can purchase from the chemist with milk or water.

That's what I have done for months! I am an Australian athlete, started as an A-cup and went up to B by just including a lot of light weight training exercises, adding lift and size to the breast. EAT loads of pasta with cheese.

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There is a veg called choayote it helps and if you feel pain and breast like when your abt to get your period just massage them and a circular motion

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beef has testosterone in it also so it may not be that great

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this website has a list of foods with natural estrogens [link removed]

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^ the link didnt work. resend with spaces between the letters?

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I went from an A cup, to a B cup just by massaging nightly.. also i found that i didnt need to wory about my size, look at most celebritys, they have small breasts.

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thank you for your advice I hope it will work

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I've heard that soya-inclusive foods do have large amounts of estrogen...

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madame, you took the saying straight from my own pork trap. I first witnessed this on a television show, and sought to try it myself. Several years later, all I received was a wider waste line and an intoxication problem... Cheers!

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Yams have estrogen too

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