Why every time I eat chinese food I get soggy brown doo-doo?

I went to this chinese place.. And ate some of their food… Now my stomach hurts and I have soggy doo-doo anyone has any ideas please answer please my stomach hurts like heck please answer please please

Answer #1

MSG is what is causing your problem if you want to not have that problem again ask them if they put MSG in they’re food. If they do then go to another restauraunt, sadly its rare that take-aways don’t put MSG in their food. Hope this helped.

Answer #2

A guy goes into the doctor. He says, ‘Doc, it hurts when I do this.’ Doc says, ‘Then stop doing that.”

We are fortunate enough to live in NYC, which has a Chinese restaurant almost literally on every street corner. Stop eating at that place and find another. In the meantime, take some pepto and wait it out.

Answer #3

Its probably cause your digestive track hasnt adapted to the kind of chinese food you ate, take a laxative or some tums and wait on the toliet till it all comes out. thats what I did

Answer #4

try going to a different chinese place! if thats happening I would recommend never eating there again!

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