Can you get a prescription for medical marijuana for depression/severe anxiety in california?

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I am not sure how the law applies, but in some states you have to have a 3 year record of the condition before being considered for it. But Yes, they perscribe it for anxiety and depression.

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I've honestly never heard of them prescribing marijuana for depression or anxiety. In most cases, though, I think that they would try to treat your symptoms with a range of other things before they even consider it.. if they do.

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I have only heard of cancer patients and people in similar situation getting this.

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Given that is can cause mild anxiety (and in chronic use can worsen depression and severe anxiety), you're going to be hard pressed to find a doctor who would prescribe it for those conditions. Especially since it can heighten the risk of psychosis in those who have mental illnesses.

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I heard this on documentary program. They were talking about people who had been prescribed it. It also showed how a woman and her husband used it to deal with the traumas of not having long to live. They used it to open up and tell each other how they felt about it all. The program also videoed them usung it, and it was actually quite touching to see them happy when they appeared to depressed on other interviews.

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I agree ^_^
It is really nice to see people who actually need things to be happy ^_^

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in ca it is not called a prescription for medical marijuana, it is called a doctors recommendation and yes you can get it for anxiety im not sure about depression

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