How to get a medical marijuana prescription in washington?

I want to get a prescribed to medical marijuana because of some back pain I have. I just turned 18 and know that I need a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana before I can get any but im kinda nervous to ask for it becasue he will assume im just a pothead and that im lying because I have never gone to the doctor about my back before. Whats some stuff I can say to him to convince him the pain is legitimate? Any advice is appreciated.

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your really ougt to persuade him but I doubt it its illagell now

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Let me ask you this. Exactly why do you want a marijuana prescription? Shouldnt you perhaps leave it to the doctor to decide what would be the best medication for your back? Perhaps something else would be more effective?

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your plan?
I agree with ty
you seem to be just after medical marijuana as a cure
when in fact there are many other things that can if not make your back better than a drug ever could
what your treatment will be is entirely up to the doctor, not what you want for an entirley different purpose
because im guessing if youve never complained about anything then suddenly find out you can get free weed for a problem, your top priority is not that problem, its the weed

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go to take a x ray

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