How to get help for my depression?

I am depressed. I have taken online tests and stuff, and they all say im severly depressed and at high risk for self harm. I have contemplated cutting and stuff like that, and I feel like I have nothing left to love or nothing that loves me anymore. I hate living like this, and its just getting worse. pleese I need help. I dont trust anyone enough to tell them, so I really need some advice…

Answer #1

Dear broadwaystar101, Depression is very treatable. There is no reason for someone who is depressed not to get the proper care they need. Call your local health clinic or speak with a school counsellor. Medications and counselling can get you back to feeling your old self. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

Instead of trusting other people, you need to trust yourself. my bestfriend went through exactly what you are going through, and believe me there is always a way out. and for the tests and stuff? worthless, they dont mean crap, sorry but true. so doubt sucks, believe me it does, and thats why people need friends to perk them up, also maybe I know, its none of my business, but maybe if you cant talk to one of your friends, you can talk to a guidance counseler or anyone on fun advice would be able to help. ill be glad to help if you like, message me anytime.

Answer #3

funmail me im a cutter ill help you

Answer #4

funmail me im a cutter ill help you

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