Why does it burn to pee when I'm on my period?

Answer #1

I don’t think your period has anything to do with it. You could have a bladder or urinary tract infection as well as other possibilities of problems. You should see a doctor.

Answer #2

Ok, thank so much!

Answer #3

Adding to this, women are more likely to get UTI’s when on their periods. It’s not at all that unusual.

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Answer #5

Many reasons, the use of tampons and pads of lets in bacteria into your bladder. also we have lower immune systems during our periods and are more susceptible to get infections. I get ones during my period usually.

Answer #6

So do you go to the doctor everytime your on your period?

Answer #7

Almost.lol.However since I stopped using tampons it got a lot getter.

Answer #8

Def prob a UTI. Take some cranberry capsules and see if it goes away if not see a doctor!

Answer #9

Ok, thanks!

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