Why does it hurt to pee when on period?

When I'm on my period it usually hurts when I pee a little. It never happens any other time. Is this normal?

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painful urination is not a normal symptom of menstruation, it is a symptom of a UTI which requires antibiotics. Drinking cranberry juice can help this, but I'd suggest telling someone and seeing a doctor.

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If it only happens while on your period it's not a UTI (or cystitis) as kissmysoul has suggested.
Can't find any information on the internet on it. I think it's best to go to your doctor, they will be able to tell you more.
It may be if you use pads it's been rubbing on the ureatha and irritating it and urine often hurts if it gets onto anything that's already irritated. But go to the doctor to check!
Hope this helps x

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yeah thats totally normal. your muscles...down there... cntract A LOT so they can get sore and irritated

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does not sound normal to me, I have not ever had that experiance

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