Hurts after i pee when i wipe while i'm on my period?

I have went pee a few times and I havnt been peeing blood but I have been wipping blood and it hurts after I wipe.I dont think im on my period

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yes it could be a urinary tract infection you should go to the drs right away if you start to pee blood and if it hurts really bad after you pee and also if you feel like you need to pee constantly if these happens go to a dr it can get worse and you can end up in the hospital my mom had the same thing but she waited til it got worse and ended up in the hospital

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It may be the start of a urinary infection. Watch for burning feeling after you pee. Also could be an sti. if its still a problem after 2 days go see your doctor.

Why does it hurt to pee when on period?

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