Is it normal to have discharge and burning before my period?

For the past like,week Its burned when I pee,and Its been really itchy and dry around my vagina.My Discharge has gotten thicker and different in texture.I thought I might have a Tract Infection,but This Morning I got my period. So Im Wondeirng if this Is all related to my period,or if I have somehting other than just my period. I WAS due for my period,so I dont think its a Tract Infection thats reached my kidneys or whatever,which would cause me to pee blood.

Answer #1

Dear mrscobainx3, Yes, it is true just before a period the hormones do change and you do have a higher chance of getting a yeast infection. Go to your doctor there are many things that he will discuss with you about how to avoid these each month. There is no need for a female to go though something unnecessarily. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

The most common time to get a yeast infection is right before your period starts. I’m not sure why but I think it has a lot to do with the hormone changes your body goes through at that time, the same ones that cause PMS and chocolate addiction. So you may have a yeast infection. After your period try a course of Monistat 3, and see if it clears up.

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