What do you think has the best performance AMD, or Intel?

I have almost always ran AMD, but have wondered this for years, you look at the numbers Intel always wins with the amount GHz but then AMD does twice as much per GHz, and back when I got into computing at my home, it was always cheaper. What do you think on this?

Answer #1

I’ve had certain problems with AMD, so I prefer Intel. I’ve actually had two computers previously who gave me a lot of problems with my AMD motherboard. The one actually fried any graphic card that was into it. So for me I go for Intel, it’s just more durable for me.

Answer #2

The heat of the intel does not cause problems, I know with the servers they have plenty of fans, but I really hate the noise.

Answer #3

Noise doesn’t bother me. That is true, it is more noisy, but my house is like a circus, so the little noise of a computer is kinda soothing to me :P

Answer #4

i only use amd..

my stock speed is 3.1ghz but ive managed to get it up 4.8ghz with idle temps around 25c and load around 40-50c..

took me days to get it stable.. i dont run at that speed all the time, just during games.

i dont like intel.

Answer #5

@Irene - That seems more an issue of the Mobo manufacturer than the CPU manufacturer (AMD).

Answer #6

I have had good luck with both. Seems to depend on who has the upper hand in said price category at the time. I go with ever has better bang for my buck at the time.

Answer #7

which reminds me i need to update my xfire rig specs

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