What brand cordless phone do you think works the best?

What brand cordless phone do you think works the best? We have cordless phones from three different companies in our house, and have tried uniden phones, a generic radio shack brand phone, and others including panasonic. However, the uniden is the best of them currently, but, is there a better one? Any recommendations very much appreciated.

Answer #1

I’ve been using the same Uniden 2.4 GHz for several years. It’s been a true workhorse. I’m sure the Uniden 5.8 is even better..

Answer #2

According to an article I read in the past (12) months the {V Tech Phone} is the best

Answer #3

I’ve been using the Uniden 5.8Ghz models.

With this frequency, your (or your neighbors) wireless internet will not affect the phone.

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