What do you think is the best OS?

What do you think is the best operating system; windows, mac or linux?

Answer #1

windows 7 is everything xp is and more and everything vista should have been..

windows 7 is pwnage

Answer #2

Well I use Windows but I prefer Mac.

Answer #3

Depends on what you want it for.

Most people are used to Windows-Machines. I think Win7 is best for a normal home PC for someone who does not want to learn using a different system.

I use Ubuntu on my laptop. And I also use Gentoo and Debian linuxes at work. Ubuntu Linux is fine and easy to use to people who already know different systems. Also, if you have an older machine. My Notebook is 7 years old now and will run extremely slow on Win-XP and like a snail on Win7 but it’s still usable on a modern Ubuntu.

For server machines, (if you want to have a file-server, a centrally administered login and things like that) I’d always use a linux. They are for free, while a Windows server 2008 license is extremely expensive. And they are waaay more efficient and easier/faster to configure and update IF YOU KNOW what you are doing.

Mac OS is fairly easy to use, but it only runs on mac hardware and that stuff is really expensive. I think that macs are shiny toys for people who want to show off.

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