Should I buy AMD or Intel for a better dual core processor?

I am sick of my old celeron 1.8gig temporary computer that I bought a while back as a replacement to a laptop that overheated. I use the thing every night and I have been having some hardware get a little shaky. AMD and Intel have been battling over the dual core chip and I was wondering if by anyones knowledge I should buy an AMD dual core or an Intel dual core? I don’t plan on overclocking it or anything , just stock.

Answer #1

here’s info I ran across:

As part of the original challenge issued to Intel by AMD, power consumption was a consideration. Mainstream Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processors at 95 watts, consume far less than the competition’s dual-core x86 server processors which according to their published data, have a thermal design power of 135 watts and a max power draw of 150 watts. This can result in 200 percent better performance-per-watt than the competition. Even greater performance-per-watt can be achieved with lower-power Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors that are available in 55 watt offerings.

Answer #2

you should get the intel pro. extreme gives you four cores and more power. its great for burning dvds and playing video games. also very useful in alot of other appls

Answer #3

Both will do fine. AMD Athlon x2 will do fine. Same with Intel Core 2 Duo

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