Amd or Intel What do you all prefer?

What do you all prefer? even though this is a pointless question just wanted everybodys opinions! #:-)

Answer #1

If you check out Tom’s Hardware they have comparison charts for all other the Intel and AMD processors. Usually, AMD has better graphical processing so if you’re into photo/video editing, AMD responds better. But for overall performance, Intel has performed better lately.

Answer #2

Intel brand is a little expensive or overpriced compared to amd, so if you want value for money go with amd but if you have money choose intel. Intel is more resistant to overheating and power surges. But it depends on you which one you prefer, considered the specification to your needs, let say Computer for Animation, you have to choose a computer with a specification good for animation.

Answer #3

I like AMD processors a bit cheaper and about the same proformance

Answer #4

looking at your motherboard and videocard If Asus+Nvidia then Intel

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