How many people are prepared for a natural disaster?

So after our crazy earthquake last week, the rest of the country decided it was a good idea to go out and put together emergency kits in their house (the entire country has pretty much sold out of bottled water!). Just wondering how many people here would be prepared for a natural disaster. Pretty much no one was here. They didnt have the supplies recommended, and on top of that, most of them seemed to think it was safe to stand in the door frame during earthquakes… (which its not, by the way!)

Answer #1

I don’t think anyone can be fully ready for a natural disaster. They may have the means to take care of themselves in a ohysical way. Such as food and clothing. But mentally no one is ready.

Answer #2

well mentally, no. My friends and family are not even mentally prepared for the aftershocks they are experiencing. But im talking more in terms of having things prepared, such as water for up to three days, unperishable food, first aid kits etc

Answer #3

Well where Im from we dont have any natural disasters, maybe a bit too much rain? Not enough to drown in though lol.

Answer #4

i know…we had that mini earthquake a few years ago…it can’t of been to much because i slept right through it :D

Answer #5

OMG it woke me up! But it stopped as soon as I woke up and my brothers were awake downstairs but they didnt even feel it. They told me it was a ghost lool

Answer #6

well i was only little so i must of wanted my sleep to much lol :) but my mom woke up and ran into my bedroom to see if me or my sister fell off our beds xD

Answer #7

My country is on two different tectonic plates, we have huge fault lines, we’re part of the volcanic ring of fire AND we’re a group of islands in the south pacific, directly under the hole in the ozone layer and right next to antarctica - we’re basically asking for natural disasters!

Answer #8

New Zealand is on the Australian plate and the pacific plate isn’t it?thats really bad :O The UK is only in the Eurasian plate :)

Answer #9

Where im from (everyone remember Katrina?), hurricane season is always a pretty big concern. We get hit by atleast 2-3 hurricanes a year and they always knock out power and cause damage. We keep bottled water, flash lights, batteries, a small radio, canned goods, a first aid kit, gasoline, our generator, duct tape(for the windows) and ply wood ready each time hurricane season comes around. Its so much easier than fighting everyone at walmart when they run out and a hurricanes about to hit.

Answer #10

yes - oh and did I mention we are on a submerged continent?

Answer #11

new zealand doesnt have alot of luck quick move to england!!! :D

Answer #12

We get hit by hurricanes pretty often, it’s been a good season so far. I’m somewhat prepared.

Answer #13

Well, I live in the western part of North Carolina, so we really don’t get many hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or anything like that. The most we get is a bit of wind from a hurricane, but the hurricane never actually makes it all the way to the western part of NC. I am sure we have “earthquakes”, but we never really feel them. There have been hurricanes, and tornadoes here in the past, but the last one was before I was born, so….since there hasn’t been any disasters in over 17 years…I guess we, (my family and I, as well as most of the rest of western NC), don’t feel the need to be prepared for one.

Answer #14

To be honest i’m expecting many more to come looking at the last couple of years natural disasters are occurring more frequently than ever. It’s just a matter of time.

Answer #15

I know what you mean. The world has gone nuts. Forget 2012, we will probably all die this year or something

Answer #16

We have lots of tiny flood rains where i live. so really it doesnt flood but it rains hard

Answer #17

Lizzie, we have enough foreingers…..hahah

Answer #18

Different places are more disaster prone than otherspeople in Japan will more prepared for earthquaces than someone in Europe for example.

Answer #19

Me, just learn basic survival skills and know what is essential(idk if i spelled that right) and work with family as a team. (:

Answer #20

wow, racist much?

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