How to get me filthy family to care about messes?

I am the only one in my house who cares/notices a disgusting mess in my house. I am 16 and i live with my dad and 2 younger sisters, 12 and 14. Both of which wipe boogers everywhere, leave milk out until it’s solid- and then have fun dumping it unto the tables to see it keep it’s shape. The whole house smells like dog **. The dog is inside/outside, and is by far cleaner than my family. They all 3 let the dog chew things up and leave the bits everywhere, they track mud everywhere and never do chores, even when adults assign them or offer rewards/punishments depending on if they do them or not. they simply do not care. what makes it worse it that I feel like I’m going insane because I cannot STAND living in a house like this, even for a few more years. it is VILE.I’ve decided not to give them the satisfaction of having ME clean it up- but they still don’t care about living in a pig sty. I’ve tried dumping every mess I find in the correspond child’s bedroom and closing the door, and they just get mad and it ends back up in the living area. My house is embarrassing and smelly. how can I get back at them/ make them finally CARE?

Answer #1

Enjoy,this life could’t last forever

Answer #2

dump the mess on their bed and see if they care.

the best way is probably to let them know the bad effects or inconvenience of having a messy place like how difficult it is to find the remote if it’s buried under a month old pile of dirty laundry

Answer #3

i think that you should explain to them that you dont like living in a mess and she what they say

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