what:how do you people plan on (going away)dying?

ok so I have this life plan right im not going to have kids, never getting married, and I might be a pschologist(not a therapist because if ull see my profile ull know why)so I was wondering if anyone else has a good future life story?(ok im bored like big time and its some what sad)

Answer #1

thinking things wont change is childish

something will happen sooner or later thatll make you realise you need other goals…

BTW psychology is awesome… always wanted to major it but I couldnt get into the school (we have different system to get into schools that depends heavily on our past grades) oh well physiotherapy is awesome too ^_^

Answer #2

no I just dont like the fairy tale type of life I have had the same plan since I was 6 so I doubt it will change

Answer #3

plans plans plans… they mean jack sh*t here and now

no one knows what will happen later on and how they will change…

yes people change their minds and their plans during their whole life so dont get so comfy with your plan…

my plan? whatever comes… youll probably change your mind in a few years (maybe even months) and youll remember your plans and think “ wow what a lonely kid I was back then”

Answer #4

Well the truth is that you never know how things might take a spin and change… I myself do have some plans I have a plan of going to collage and becoming a doctor and a lawyer then getting merried and having kids and you know be profecianal and have things be good and have a happy life… But it is all not how it seems, I have a brother who I take care of and I don’t know how that might affect me and all… But you know it is good to have plans but also knowing what to do when things take a turn for the worrst…


Answer #5

If you don’t plan on getting married/having kids, at least it’s good that you have a plan for yourself. Stay in touch with siblings and nieces and nephews as you get older. I, myself, however, want to go into a military career straight out of high schol, go to school for something (don’t know what yet), get a career and make a living off that, get married, have kids, retire, die an awesome old man.

Answer #6

yeah but therapist is not the word I will call it if I ever go into it

Answer #7

lol thx lots(real kids not school kids)lol

Answer #8

Well 2yearbet… thanks a lot, you say your never getting married or having children, well you know what?!?!? I just so happen to be your child! so you can just get over that mommy… lol ILY! (DNQ) lol

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