How: do I find out who I am?

this might not make much sense but everyone know who they are like on the inside or what type of person they are.well some peoples dont like me. I dont really know why I dont know. I been trying to figure out And I think it is because. I kept so many secrets and lie to so many peoples.I never once let all my secrets out. and I use to lie to peoples to I guess to get them to like me.I never once thought about how that might affect the future.I mean look at me now im 15 I cant even see myself having a future.I cant see myself having true love. I cant even see myself having a kid. most 15 year olds. know what they want there career to be. I got dreams but I dont know how to get them. im smart but somehow I wasnt smart enough to think of the after affects of my actions.I believe if I let all my secrets out and stop lying so much. all this can change for the better. everyone think im dumb. peoples tell me im will drop out of high school.barly anyone give me support. “ Yea you can do it”. im sorta glad that they didnt. cause in the end that made me stronger. one day my family might not be there to support then ill have to depend on myself to keep me just trying turn my life over for the better. the way im going it wont end good. im on a crash course. do they agree with most of this? I know ya dont know me (of course). but still do ya think this is the right way to start changing my life? ect. thank

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Well first of all, if you can’t answer this question about yourself - chances are, no one else can. I can relate to you baby doll.. I’m 17 years old and I still don’t know what direction I’m going to turn to outside my high school walls. Its not easy mama, college can be costly but that is where 50% of all students find themselves. Its not like all teens know what they want to be right away - You’re not alone. Just because your 15 doesn’t mean you have to rush - If you believe in yourself & try your hardest, than that’s all that matters. Okay, so you have problems with keeping friends because you like to lie a lot & keep secrets? I can’t argue with that. That is a mental issue that only you can fix. Why lie to your friends? In the end you’re only hurting yourself. Out of approximately 7 billion people in the world, 40% of that number have the same issues that you are struggling with now. Again I repeat, you’re not alone. Find strength in yourself, in your heart & let it be your guide. Keeping secrets is fine. Every girl is entitled to keep as many secrets as they please, but bottling up dark secrets or harsh feelings - not okay sweetie pie. You should find someone that will change you for the better - & will make you instead of break you. Friends come and go, so you need to love yourself before you can start loving others. Making friends is easy. Staying true to yourself - that’s a different story.

You have a lot of work to do, but I think you are off to a good start.

Sincerely yours,


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00PS I apologize - I thought you were a female.
forgive me? [:

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