What do people think about "homosexual christians" ??

just wondering.. I have some friends who are completely gay and over-obsessed with gay sex and claim to be a christian.. I don’t judge them, and i do think you can be gay and believe in God at the same time, but I want to know what other people think about it as well… Don’t be rude please, just give me your opinion.

Answer #1

I have lots of friends who are gay christians. I dont think its a big deal. They are good people who have close relationships with God and just happen to be attracted to people with the same gender. I know a lot of people dont agree with this and think its the most horrible sin ever. What I cant understand is that why are certain “sins” given so much more attention than any other (although I dont see homosexuality as a sin). Christians acknowledge we are not prefect which means that we are sinners so how can we condemn others for something some of us percieve as sin? From the way some people go on you would think homosexuality is worse than murder.

Answer #2

Uhm seriously? Who are you trying to fool here? Your question is dripping with judgment. Your question itself shows judgment (most accepting Christians I know, dont ask this question because it doesnt occur to them). Here’s my question. What do people think of people ‘who claim to be Christian’ and yet cannot follow in Christ’s words of not judging others. Quite frankly I prefer the outright bigots. At least they are upfront about who they are.

Answer #3

You have no idea why i was asking or what i meant by it. I am a bisexual christian, for your information. Im not trying to judge anyone. Thats not what I am about and if it were i would be blunt about it.

Answer #4

thats why i said i dont want anyone to be rude,

Answer #5

I agree i see all sins as equal if we commit one but not the other and someone else commits that other sin and not the same one as you, its not any different and everyone sins so whats it matter. if someones gay it should be their own choice and no one elses. the bible says that god accepts and loves all of his children no matter what, so, yeah lol.

Answer #6

Well, yes, god accepts and loves all of his children no matter what but, he also expects us to try and follow his comandments as well as we can. Since no sin is greater than the other it’s easily said that you can compare someone’s sexual prefferance to premarrital sex, murder, lies, and many other things. In my opinion you can believe in God and still be a homosexual but, doing that could strain your relationship with God. Just like someone who is an alcholic or drug addictee. So I would have to say yes it’s possible but would be really hard to have a healthy relationship with God.

Answer #7

yeah i completely understand what youre saying

Answer #8

I think they make great lesbian lovers! WOOOOO!

Answer #9

I’m a Bisexual christian and this sounds biased i know but for me being homosexual and a christian isn’t to me a sin because if God made all of us and he loves us all like equals then surely to love who you love but still have a life with god shouldn’t be looked on as a sin but more about filling your purpose and being happy. That’s what i believe anyway.

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