Do you think Homosexuals should marry?

I dont, But many people in my eyes shouldn’t. My reason why is that marriege is somthing where you get up in font of God and your family and say I love this person and I want to spend my life with them. Now I dont think anyone who doesn’t believe in God should marry. It’s basicly not valid in my eyes if you dont believe in him or are an homosexual. I dont hate homosexuals and sure they can believe in God. It’s just a sin but I know everyone sins so I’m not exactly tying to judge. I have homosexual friends. I just feel it’s there fault they are because God wouldn’t make a person that way when he dislikes homosexuals. I’m sorry if I afended anyone. ~Erin~

Answer #1

Okay I’m not really offened…but I will plain out tell you I am a Bisexual. If I could I would marry a girl. Idc what others think.

In the BIBLE god says the ONLY SIN that is UNFORGIVABLE is the sin of blasphemy. My best friend is HOMOSEXUAL. But he is right with god. He has the HOLYGHOST and he is GAY, but he chooses not to follow that path, he ignores his homosexual feelings.

God is forgiving. God would forgive you for being gay. Also you said why would he make someone imperfect. In the begining he made adam and eve. He intended for them to be the only people in the world, but they SINNED.

God also destroyed the first world he created because of SIN. Then he rebuilt it and SAW THE EXACT SAME THING. He GAVE US THE CHOICE IN OUR LIFE. God didnt make anyone perfect, he says he KNEW we would sin. Were humans. Thats why you PRAY. To become right with him.

People in todays world conform so easily. God said he is the only one who chooses who enters the kingdom of heaven. he is the only one who can judge you. So if you want to claim to be a Christians by all means you go right a head an do it. But I’ll tell you this.

Those of you who are judegemental of homosexuals, your sinning. your judgeing and only god has that right.

Do you honestly think gay people enjoy being gay? Would you enjoy being told you cant love someone because its not right? That you cant marry someone because its illegal? Would you enjoy being beaten up because of your sexual oreintation? Would you want to be called a f@ggot, h0m0, gay, queer? Would you want to deal with the pain of people always judgeing you?

If you think gay people enjoy being treated this way then something is wrong. We dont enjoy being tormented, we cant change the way we feel. I see a bisexual or lesbian girl, and if shes pretty Im attracted to her. [I dont go for girls who are straight thats kinda pointless] I cant change that fact. If I could I would.

“We dont like what we dont understand” – truest quote ever made. “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” -Elvis’

Answer #2

I guess you guys dont understand the Marriage under God is only for Fallowers of god.. and I don’t know what god would do but Why would he make someone IMPERFECT? I mean yeah they do choose to be like like they can go to the right sex when they feel like it. THey just dont want to because there looking for attention OR the devil has gotton to them. And Also.. DONT SAY THE BIBLE ISN’T REAL. I HAD ENOUGH AT SCHOOL TODAY ABOUT THAT. stupid teachers think they can prove me wrong… yet I always have an answer right back and you know what! they still get mad at me!! WHEN EVERYONE stands there LAUGHING at GOD I CAN NOT JUST SIT THERE

I think you want to believe in an angry God. Ever since Jesus was crucified God has not been an angry God, but instead a loving and forgiving God. The Bible is real and I have unending faith in it and God. Through that faith in both I know that God loves all whom He creates. He doesn’t hate gays because they’re gay and loves murders because they aren’t gay (if they aren’t…who knows? maybe he will hate gay murderers in your world). I’m not sure what you’ve decided to pick and choose out of the Bible, but you need to read it for what it says. I have read several different translations. Some say “homosexuals”, some say “sexual deviants”, etc. I think “homosexuals” was used in that place to create this kind of hatred. God, I’m sure, frowns upon those who preach that he hates anyone like that. Why would God hate homosexuals? Are they hurting anyone by being gay? Are they causing you pain? Do they do things to intentionally hurt you or others? Nope. God made EVERYONE imperfect. Obviously even Adam and Eve were imperfect or they would have never fallen from His grace. And if you are a Christian, you should believe that homosexuals are absolved of all sin through God’s sacrifice of Jesus. I have many gay friends and I could care less whether or not they’re gay. It doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I want them to be able to be honest with who they are and not suffer from others because of that fact. There are far worse human beings out there than those that are simply gay. There are rapists, child molesters, murderers, etc. that run the streets and people like you are worried about gays getting married. I know PLENTY of straight “Christians” that have no friggin’ business being married.

Answer #3

ok, I am seriously offended ! I am not gay, or bi, and this seriously is making me so mad. xxlovehurtsbabexx: why do you think that god would make us all so different, if he wanted us al to be the same. who the hell are you to judge other people, because as far as I know…” only god has the power to judge.” imagine if someone came up to you and said “ nope, you cant get married to the person you love, because your hair is the wrong color!” its the same idea. it is denying someone the right to show their love and commitment to someone based on something they can not change.also, why is it that someone can mary and divorce someone of the opposite sex, and thats just fine with god, but a gay person can not even give marriage a shot, just because there is narrow minded people like you in this world. I believe in god, I always have, but im not going to judge other people, and look down upon the because they love someone of the same sex. have you ever gone out with your hair not covered up? or sworn? because that is also against the bible. I think it is really sad that even in 2008, people cant even be themselves , because of people like you. people kill themselves every day, just because people like you wont accept them into the world. and you have to live with that for the rest of your life. I really hope that one day you wake up. the world is filled with so many beautiful people and you wont even get a chance ot know them, just because “god” tells you you cant.

Answer #4

ok..well me and my girlfriend have decided to get married…not right now..we got to get stuff straight with our lives first but we are…and ya know what?I dont care at all what you think about cant help who you love..and no I dont consider myself a 17 and inlove…with a girl..but she is the only girl I have ever dated..I have dated a lot of guys…im bi…you cant help who you love..and if you look it up being gay or whatever is actually generic…scientist have found the strand…so whatever..I believe in god..I got a bible in my room..I go to church all I do is date someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with…whats wrong with that?love is love…I dont believe god is going to punish me for loving someone..he loves everyone remember???your the one who is technically judging people and your not supposed to judge only god can

Answer #5

It is wrong for homosexuals to marry God makes it clear in the Bible

Answer #6

Think of it this way if you could not get married you would be mad because those are considered basic human rights pretty much. I think everyone is really close minded our homosexuals and its kinda ironic because you may even know somebody you feels atrrached to the same sex and not even realize it. It’s actually stupid how people critize without even considering there stand point. Just put yourself in their shoes for once and really think about how it is … They didn’t ask to be gay you can’t just stop being attrached to the same sex it does not work like that if it did I’m sure most of them would not want to be gay but thats not how it works in life. It’s like you being attrached to boys you can’t change them to like girls even if you wanted to. I’m just saying it’s unfair to not give people just like us basic human rights and its disrespectful because it does not affect other straight marriages at all or any straight people for that matter. I’m just saying poeple can be ignorant and it is wrong and our soiceity needs to grow up and realize gays are humans to and they should be treated like ones.

Answer #7

Love is never wrong.

Isn’t that one of the basic morals we have all been taught since kindergarten? Is the love any different between two men or two women than it is between a man and a woman?

And what of the thousands of people in the world who don’t really believe in a God, don’t go to church and are still allowed to marry? Is that fair when many homosexual/bisexual people (myself included) go to church regularly, believe in a God, try their hardest at everything life throws in the way, only to be denied the opportunity to marry someone?

Ever since I was a little girl (and I know I’m not the only one), I’ve been planning and picturing my perfect fairytale wedding… it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a guy or a girl, it matters only that I love that person so completely that I want to spend the rest of my life with them… So why should heterosexual girls get to automatically live out that dream and homosexual/bisexual girls have to struggle sometimes to even be accepted by their own parents…

In my eyes, marriage is an acceptance of the love between two individuals so why should the right to that acceptance be denied to anyone? This world could use more love…

Answer #8

I believe in god, not exactly a follower but I pray everyday. And let me say that as someone who “follows” god, you sound like a hypocrite, if you read the bible you would know that there is sin bigger than any other. And just because a man and man might be together, in no way means they dont love each other. Your being naive

-My reason why is that marriege is somthing where you get up in font of God and your family and say I love this person and I want to spend my life with them.– so your telling me if two gay men got in front of the church and told god they loved each other, than it would be a lie? If life busted them in the a** for being gay and so many people disowned them and all that, but they found love and comfort and peace in each other, your saying that isnt real? Please remember “god made us all, and he makes no mistakes” you act like your so much better than a homosexual. OPEN YOUR EYES girl. It’s so much deeper than sexuality, than sex and lust. Its love, its contentment and its as beautiful as every other kind of love there is. So uh, rethink this please. And keep in mind, the bible IS A MAN WRITTEN BOOK. So uh, also think about that. Religion is organized to keep you in a box and follow directions without question. Seems like they’ve got you. =)

Answer #9

Go ana_antidrug! I too agree with everything you say, only difference between you and me is I dont believe in a god.

But if you do believe in a god xxlovehurtsbabexx then how can you possibly say “I just feel it’s there fault they are because God wouldn’t make a person that way when he dislikes homosexuals”. What I have had drummed into my head since I was little was that god loves everyone. I don’t recall there being any exceptions to this. Homosexuality is not something anyone can control. Its a basic instinct in a person, just as you and I are instinctually attracted to the opposite sex. How can that be wrong? That is the way the person is and in my opinion if people would just let gays go with their instincts there would be millions of happier people on this earth. Society and religion has conditioned us to thinking there is something abnormal about it. Isnt it about time we let people be true to their nature?

Answer #10

Being homosexual may or may not be a sin. The bible has become so misconstrewed and turned into what other people think is right or wrong. How can we say for sure God has a problem with homosexual people? There are animals that have shown homosexual tendancies, and no one condemns them. God is a forgiving God who gave us the power to make choices and the knowledge of right and wrong. Some people are just taught differently. Now, the marriage topic… Who are we to say that they can’t devote their lives to one another in front of God? If it is what they believe and they are not harming you, why ruin their big day? I know any bride who had someone ruin her dreams of a huge wedding would try to kill that person, or emotionally scar them for life. Besides, divorce is supposed to be a sin also, and you don’t see the US making it illegal to do that.

Answer #11

I am totally for gay marriage. And they say if you’re gay God doesn’t love you or some crap like that, well God obviously made gay people so why wouldn’t he love them. I mean, a lot of states are against gay marriage which is completely wrong because what’s wrong with two people of the same sex who are in love and want to get married? Absolutely nothing, love is love no matter with who or what sex. If you don’t like gays than don’t talk to them, and keep your opinion to yourself, because no body wants to hear it. I think homophobic people are the most ridiculous people out there because they don’t realize that there are people who like something different than they do. I don’t think it’s right when people who discriminate against homosexuals. I think they should legalize gay marriage in every state because that’s being sexist. Everyone is made equal with equal rights.

Answer #12

God doesn’t dislike homosexuals. That’s a misinterpretation made by people that hate gays. The Bible clearly lops homosexuals into the same category as people that get drunk, steal, lie, cheat, have premarital sex, covet, etc. Who do you know that doesn’t or hasn’t done any of those things? Do you also think that God hates Jews because they don’t believe Jesus is the messiah? If you do, you’d be wrong again. Jesus says in the later books that there is no line between Jews and Gentiles and all who have faith in God will be granted eternal salvation. So, if you want to look at homosexuality from a religious perspective, you need to really pay attention. God doesn’t rank sin - sins are sins and we are ALL sinners. If homosexuals shouldn’t be married because they are sinners, then I shouldn’t be married either because I am a sinner. You are a sinner, too, so then it sounds like you don’t think you should be able to get married. You need to separate yourself from others that try that propaganda with you and read the Bible yourself with an open mind. If your mind isn’t open, you won’t truly see what’s written. Homosexuals AREN’T disliked or hated by God - none of His children are. Period.

Answer #13

personally, I don’t think marriage is absoluteley necessary, but it is a really nice thing, for someone to say “ I love this person so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with them.” It shouldn’t really matter what gender these two people are, if they love each other, they should, if they choose, be able to marry.

Answer #14

exactly. he burnt down cities of homosexuals IN THE BIBLE. like I said, there are over 180 versions of the bible, we don’t know which, if any are correct. and the whole “burning down cities of gays” is a story. wheres the proof this happened? wheres the proof ANY of those stories happened?

Answer #15

well I think that all people are equal and if they want to get married let them they arent bothering neone by doing so … as horror music said let them be happy just like everyone else they arent aliens or nething they are real people with real feelings just like everyone else ^ ^ hope I helped ~kaitlyn~

Answer #16

I think they should be allowed to marry. If a guy and a girl are allowed to marry, then why can’t a guy and guy or a girl and a girl get married? I think it’s stupid when people say stuff like god think it’s wrong and all that crap. It’s people like that who are devils. That’s why I believe in nothing. The church is an evil, corrupt place to be.

Answer #17

everyone has a right to happiness.
the way I look at it is you can’t help who you love. just because you like the same sex does not mean that you should be deprived of happiness.
I think this world is so focoused on trying to change people when they shouldn’t be.

Answer #18

God is not always right. Gays deserve to be married if they really love each other. How would you feel if you couldn’t marry someone that you loved? That’s exactly how they feel.

Answer #19

yes they should I belive in god and I think that when people say that they shouldnt be married they are segregating people its just another segregation all over again like what martin luther king fought for

Answer #20

umm yes I think they should have the right to marry people don’t tell us not to marry someone that you love

so why should we tell them that they can’t marry someone they love

Answer #21

well I an bi an I think that people should marry whoever the hell they want marriageis about falling in love. Not whether its a guy or girl or even both..

Answer #22

gays deserve the same rights as everyone else we shouldnt decide our laws on religion because…well we arent puritans people are probably going to look back at this whole debate like we look at the african-american and women rights movements…

Answer #23

If you’re straight, why would it matter if two men or women got married? how does it effect you? I really don’t see a point in marrige, but if it makes them happy, then I think they should allow them to get married.

Answer #24

well being a homosexual doesnt exactly mean you dont believe in god. I no a lot of gays that pray more then the straight does that mean they shud go to hell b/c they are gay. I think no matter what you like no one shud tell you who to marry

Answer #25

I believe that Homosexuals have every right to get married. There is nothing wrong with it, and I can see that it will become part of the future someday.

Answer #26

NO! I friend who is a lesbian and even though she is a lesbian, she strongly disagrees with homosexuals getting married. I think its wrong…

Answer #27

Dont you people knows you can get married by the city? Stop bringing a higher power into to it.. Yes they should be able to, 100%! Love is an emotion, not a religion.

Answer #28

It Is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO CHOOSE !!! Im not gay I dont care if gay people get married geez !!!

People shouldn’t be judgemental

Mind your own business I say lol

Answer #29

hmmm. god also said that a man could make a woman out of hiis rib, than their children would have to commit incest to create us. so basically the whole system is flawed. durr. also jesus said, and I quote, “all who follow and believe in me will get into heaven”. now im PRETTTY sure that means even if your gay than you can get into heaven. why should 2 people who mite not even no each other get drunk in vegas and get married? o yea, thats REALLLY sacred. but if two guys or two girls really love each other, than they should be able to do whatever they want. this is my voice, and I used it. end homophobia. =^^= joe =^^=

Answer #30

Gods says that Marriage is the bond between man and woman. That why he created man and women to be together. Not man and man. or women and women. That mean gays shouldn’t get marry. That doesn’t mean I hate gay. and when gay say that they can’t help that a lie it just there to scared to try that right way. And if you believe God and you now he doesn’t like homosexuallity you know you doing wrong. You can help it. Sorry for being harsh butt it’s the truth. I stuggled with it but I know what true and not. If you have any more question my email is and my names is Jack

Answer #31

well maybe god is wrong. I believe that nobody has the right to tell someone else who they can and cannot love. and I also believe that people who don’t believe in god can also marry, because marriage is a bond that is held only between you and your partner, no one else. if people say god does not judge you, why would he discriminate against homosexuals? maybe whoever wrote the bible is wrong. I mean, there are over 180 variations of that book, and we’ll never know which one is right, or if any are right.

oh, and yes, I do think homosexuals should marry :}

Answer #32

I guess you guys dont understand the Marriage under God is only for Fallowers of god.. and I don’t know what god would do but Why would he make someone IMPERFECT? I mean yeah they do choose to be like like they can go to the right sex when they feel like it. THey just dont want to because there looking for attention OR the devil has gotton to them. And Also.. DONT SAY THE BIBLE ISN’T REAL. I HAD ENOUGH AT SCHOOL TODAY ABOUT THAT. stupid teachers think they can prove me wrong… yet I always have an answer right back and you know what! they still get mad at me!! WHEN EVERYONE stands there LAUGHING at GOD I CAN NOT JUST SIT THERE

Answer #33

my opinion about it is, if it doesnt affect you, what does it matter? like, if two homosexuals wanted to get married, would it really affect you much? well, God must not be perfect if he made the world the way it is now. He MADE gay people, intentionally or nonintentionally, but he still made them. And I always thought (I went to church every Sunday when I was little, and I ALSO HAD CCD too, so I know a lot about this) that God loves everyone and wanted everyone to love each other so does it really matter? and if God was so vengeful and burned down a city of homosexuals, why would you want to follow someone like that in the first place? dont you remember he also tried to wipe out the WHOLE WORLD with a huge flood? wow. wonderful God we have. I’m sorry its just my opinion.

Answer #34

Now Im not religious (you might have guessed that from my previous comment) but if there were a god wouldnt it then follow that he (or she) made that person the way they are. You can’t believe in a god then tell someone their preference is wrong. I think people read too much into the bible. Thats why there is so much narrow-mindedness around. Time people use their minds and hearts to figure out whats right or wrong rather than some story book which is prone to misinterpretation anyway. Im thankful I dont believe in a god, it enables me to make unbiased judgements. And yeah, if you love someone stick with them. Marriage is not so half as important as commitment.

Answer #35

I believe in god I love god but I really don’t believe that what he says in the bible is real I have no problems with gay or lesbian I truly accept anybody for who they are to tell you the truth I’m not against them why? b/c I know a lot they’re very nice people to me I think they have a better chance to going to heaven than straight people b/c god wouldn’t send a nice person to hell he is very forgiven and I wont say who will go or not but just be kind open you heart to others don’t judge try walking on their shoes before you go saying bad things they have feeling just like the rest of us humans.

Answer #36

I agree with Tina I mean even king James he had the bible rewritten don’t believe me look it up why its called the “king James bible” and I do think gays should have the right to vote there humans they are able to make the choice its just like banning republican marriage and like you said everyone sins everyday were human doesnt mean we shouldnt marry I mean love is love god knows that he accepts it to even though it may go against him

Answer #37

Should homosexuals marry? To whom? A loved one? No, they should not have to marry. But if they feel the need to conform to society through marriage, they certainly should!

Trouble is that certain less free societies are alas not that tolerant towards homosexuals. Things seem a bit less happy in those nations.

By the way, God’s own intolerance towards homosexual people made him burn down cities. Is that not extraordinarily cruel!?

Answer #38

ok, some of my best firends are gay and bi, and if they want to marry the smae sex that’s fine. and I think your sooo wrong about them marrying. I mean it’s there choice wether they want to marry who they want to marry. god created adam and eve, but he also gave them a choice, and people now a days have the choice to be gay, straight, or bi. if you don’t like it then you don’t have to be gay, but if it makes them happy then so be it

Answer #39

I believe in god..I read the bible..but I also have been in a relationship for a little over a year with a girl…and in my opinion im not going to go to hell for bein with her..its love and to me thats all that matters…people do a lot more worse thangs in this world then me…and I do go to church…but if I want to marry her I will and we are…and its called a civil union..

Answer #40

gays are people who have the right to be with whoever they whant for the rest of there lives so why shouldnt they get married

Answer #41

I think that homosexuals should have the option of getting married.

Answer #42

:) thank you kattie,gays are people too I’ll give you a high five if I could, but I cant…bummer huh lol

Answer #43

I agree with tinatodder the bible is just a bunch of moral stories and stuff


Answer #44

love is love. Yes I think homosexuals can marry. It’s perfectly normal. It’s what you feels. nobody should run your feelings.

Answer #45

you should marry someone who you really love and if they love you. even if your the same gender.

Answer #46

Marriage is only between men and women. The number of the men or women may vary. It is enough freedom, I think.

Answer #47

I believe and god and all, but I say..1 love, no matter if its color, gender anythan.

Answer #48

Well God says that is really wrong to do that. Well try talking to them to stop

Answer #49

Im so tired of hearing about “its adam and eve not adam and steve” , shut up. Just let people be. good god.

Answer #50

I think they should be allowed to. its their bussiness not ours

Answer #51

yes they should be able to bisexual and would marry a girl!

Answer #52

He Burnt down cities of Homosexuals in the bible. I dont think he liked them much. God made Adam and Eve and Adam and Steve.

Answer #53

Love is blind.

Answer #54

God is a woman and she is a lesbian, lol.

Answer #55

I think they should be able to, yeah.

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