Why do people think sex is bad?

I just wanna know why do people think sex is so bad when it feels so good??

Answer #1

A lot of people are too immature and not ready for certain consequences that could occur from having sex. Now its always your own decision in the end but its something that shouldnt be taken lightly, a lot of thought should be put into making a decision such as sex

Answer #2

What every one else say but in most states you have to be 18 to have sex but whos really going to know?.

Answer #3

sex isnt bad, but if you arent old enough or capable of taking care of a baby , then its bad. and some people follow certain religions where sex is unacceptable before marriage.

Answer #4

People don’t think that se is bad they think that underage kids who are having sex whitout knowing what it is in the first place… Sex is a big dition and teens go off having it whitout knowing the consequenses so people are not against sex, they are aginst the young people going off and having it…

Answer #5

its not that its bad. it is looked down upon if your young. im srry I didnt know there was an age limit on sex who wouldve guessed you no. sex is great.

Answer #6

I think people think sex is bad because of all the std’s and teen pregeancy out there. Also some of them think you have to be married for it to be ok.. Sex is to be a wonderful thing that two people can do also for creation..But here’s a funny thing and think to yourself People think sex is bad than why is it ok to watch people get shot at or blow apart I rather be at home watching two people having sex than watching two people shoot each other

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