What do people think about anal sex I'm thinking about trying it ?

I just wanna know what men and women think about it. I like rough sex so ya I’m thinking about trying it. And if I do is there a good way to get started or just do it ?!?!?!

Answer #1

Well sometimes anal sex is safer because you can’t get pregnet trough that. Some people find it pailful. It’s kinda something that is more expiriance.

Answer #2

if its anal sex you wont need any morning after pills unless sperm ran down and went on/in your vagina as for anal use lots of lubricant its also a good idea to use a condom so he doesnt get any feaces on his penis

Answer #3

Anal sex is not something you just go ahead and do. There is preparation to do beforehand and it takes a lot of patience on the guy’s part. You might want to do a search on it.

Answer #4

I agree use a condom, make sure you trust him a lot cause anal sex can either be extremely nice or horribly painful depending on how you go about doing it, use LOTS and LOTS of lubrication like you really can’t have more then enough. and GO SLOW if it starts to hurt say something. Dont feel bad either, cause if it hurts you can just get more lubrication. anal is not for everyone.

Answer #5

ok heres some basics to it use a condom buy the after pill at a local pharmacy

  • make sure that you are ready its not somthing you wake up and think oh hey im ganna have anal sex today you need to be prepared you need to really feel for the guy and yes rough sex is VERY fun in my opnion but its easier for a condom to break in rough sex and you just need to understand more about it look up more on like google
Answer #6

The first time I tried it I loved it, but I am not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt. I prefer a guy that is smaller in gurth and length because it hurts a lot less. My boyfriend is 9inc. and we have only done it one time when we were extremely drunk otherwise it hurts too bad! But it definately is enjoyable and you will have the orgasm of your life! If you don’t do anal try using fingers there when being penetrated in the vagina and you will also have an amazing orgasm! But whatever you do USE A LOT OF LUBE AND GO SLOW!

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