Why do people have different goals and beliefs, if we all have the same basic needs?

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Because no two minds are alike :]

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We all have different personalities so naturally our goals will be different because every individual have different thinking.
Although we have same basic needs but we all follow different beliefs because we are all in different enviornments.

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Life sustaining needs are in a different realm than goals and beliefs. Animals have the same EXACT personal needs as humans. Air, food, shelter, water....

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That is a great question, you see we as humans was to be more successful then our parents/ friends/colleagues etc...
That is why we educate ourselves by going to school followed by college, some follow that by going to a university for even more knowledge!

We thrive to be the best no matter the cost...because we are taught since we are kids that to be successful we need to be number one!

I cant say that its the right way or the wrong way to live...but that is how us humans think...and that is why people have different goals.

As for beliefs, that I would say is more of a religious background. The way our families were raised...we all have our own beliefs & must respect every individual & their own beliefs, no matter how weird or absurd they may seem to us.

As for basic needs...we all have basic needs but in due time they turn into needing more then just basic things because technology doesnt just allow you to live a basic lifestyle you have gadgets and computers of all sorts shapes & sizes...to afford any of it you need to be above the basic needs...all wind up circling money...so...again that is why people want to be the best...so they can afford to have the best & the most advanced things their money can buy!

Hope this helped a bit to clarify all that!

Have a great weekend!

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People want different outcomes in life, therefor different needs are common and with different needs their are different goals

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i'm not sure that people all have all the sam basic needs. Maybe it's that same people feel different about things and people just feel different, I don't think that the world would be the same as it is today. Just a personal opion thoughh

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Have you heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The most basic of needs are food, water, shelter etc. And we all have the same goals for those. We want a place to live and food. The next level is safety and love. Again, we've got similar needs for protection, love and belonging. But the higher needs, esteem and self actualization are dependent on a million things including our experiences, environment and genetic makeup. Those tend to be different because we're all different.

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We have all been brought up with different values. Some people feel as though the NEED expensive clothes and fast cars, while some people just want loving family and friends. It's how we are bought up, and what community we live in that shapes us to be the human being we are.

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