When will people ever fully understand each other?

Answer #1

sady know one knows, ive yet to even understand myself

Answer #2

Do you have to understand yourself to understand others though?

Answer #3

no it just simply makes it easyer cuzz if you understand yourself it just makes it easyer to understand others

Answer #4

How do you know that to be true though?

Answer #5

Really no one can understand anyone,it’s really difficult. People really need to be mature enough to understand others feelings which most people don’t do.

Answer #6

you dont. you just idk its kinda a question no one can answer

Answer #7

Me and my crazy questions eh? Thank you for trying though :)

Answer #8

Are we meant to be understood then?

Answer #9

lol yeah

Answer #10

If you ever get the answer, tell me k? :)

Answer #11

No-one can fully understand each other unless they are that person and they still don’t fully know understand themselves.

Answer #12

I dont think we ever will, i’m a very understanding person but none the less people who I thought i fully understood pull out cards that I fully dont understand.

Answer #13

Those with special power = the ability to listen. It takes a very special person to listen to another person finish their conversation without forming any preconceived ideas in their mind whilst listening……I attended a Conflict Resolution course at AIM once, and the course instructor said listening is an art, you either have it or you don’t…..Apparently, if you cannot hear someone talk and need to ask them to speak louder or faster or slower, it is not the speaker’s fault but the listener who is not concentrating….P.S. I only look forward to the awesome morning tea and lunches they have at the courses. :o)

Answer #14

Nope. No one but my girlfriend can understand me x] I think not everyone can fully understand you but one or two people understand you perfectly :]

Answer #15

It’s all about emapthy. Truly, we will never be able to fully understand or feel the same way another person feels. The best thing is to be open minded and learn to respect how the feel and their opinions.

Answer #16

There’s a couple of problems here, people dont ever fully understand themselves, people lie to others, people lie to themselves, and people are never fully predictable. Even in a relationship that is supposed to be completely open (like a therapeutic one), most people cannot be fully honest because there are still other motivations going on (such as the desire to be liked, or a desire not to be judged). I think it’s more about acceptance than understanding. But I think that only comes with complete self acceptance. Which is hard for the majority people. I think this falls under Maslow’s self-actualization. Which according to him, very few people ever achieve.

Answer #17

Wouldn’t you need to understand first to accept, or do you accept blindly? Or is understanding not a factor at all when it comes to acceptance?

Answer #18

No one will… We are all too ignorent to see past even the outer shells of others to be sympathatic and understanding to eachother.

Answer #19

Minds are too complex and words are too limited to be able to explain exactly what we’re thinking to each other, and not only that, but everyone has some pretty crazy thoughts somethimes, but everyone is so worried about what everyone else thinks that they dont realize other people think weird or strange things as well, and therefore they dont want to share what they’re thinking.

Answer #20

I think I may have just been xompletely off on everything I just said. Haha, oh, well.

Answer #21

I am obviously not self-actualized. I dont know if you need to understand to fully accept (acceptance is still something I struggle with). I dont think you do. I think you just need empathy, the willingness to try see things from their point of view. Realize that acceptance is not the same as trust. Thus when you say ‘accept blindly’, it just means that you accept people for who they are. It doesnt mean you are always going to trust them (e.g. a compulsive liar). It also doesnt mean you have to agree with them.

Answer #22

I like your answer but is doubt part of the acceptance and understanding formula?

Answer #23

What do you mean? Is it okay to doubt what they feel? Sure, that may help you understand how you feel about that person. If they say something, and you don’t believe what they say, then that should be a sign of trust issues. I’m not sure what you meant by is doubt part of it.

Answer #24

What I mean is, there is doubt in your answer, doubt that people will never fully understand others, is that truly how things are or is doubt what makes you feel that?

Answer #25

That’s how it is.

Answer #26

I think it made perfect sense. Part of why group therapy works is because people realize they’re not alone and that there are plenty of people who think the way they do. People need to realize that as much as we like to think we’re all unique, few thoughts are actually truly unique.

Answer #27

And how do you know that to be true?

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