Does anyone ever accedently have dreams with people from your school in them?

sometimes i do and i feel really creepy, but i cant help it, i cant really control what im dreaming its not like i do it on purpose, or anything. i dont even have to “like” the person in my dream and i dont have dreams about people i dont talk to, only the ones that i talk to on a regular basis. sometime it will be with all of my friends in it, sometimes it will be just an aqquaintence who i talk to, some of the dreams are scary like, about them trying to kill me,or something, and then other ones are nice, like me and my friends hanging out or something, but i really dont like having those dreams, i feel like a creep.

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I know what you mean, i see certain people in the hallway that i don’t even talk too but we make funny faces at eachother & i always have dreams about them.. It’s creepy.

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Answer #3

yeah i do ALL the time!!! its my dream sign lol

Answer #4

lol ok good , now i at least know that there is nothing wrong me

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It happen to me once. I saw some chick out of the blue who pass by me in the hallway and I don’t even know her. Then at night, I had a dream of her with a pack of people I knew, but not her, just there chillin’ in my dream. It was really weird.

Answer #7

Yeah lol I dreamt weird stuff about people from my school I never even talk to lol…

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Answer #9

my dreams usually contain people i know so most of them are from my school

Answer #10

yeah i have.. it was weird.

Answer #11

Yup happens to me a lot actually, and I usually see them throughout the day too which makes me feel all awkward. But you can’t really help that you dreamt about them lol.

Answer #12

Yes. several times back in jr high i kept having dreams about my social studies classmates and the teacher. it was really weird

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