can people be cryogenically frozen like in futurama and still be alive when they are releived of their state?

Answer #1

Psh of course! Austin Powers did it! Just kidding, no.

Answer #2

nope. being frozen stops your body functions and if you don’t have blood flow you can’t be alive.

Answer #3

If only it were possible I would freeze myself at 38 for a year or two then come back like hey everyone I seen their are some new faces to the family. It would probably make a ton of money too.

Answer #4

wow.. dumb question. lol :P

Answer #5

If you have a lot of money, when you die they can freeze you for how ever many decades but what would be the point of that?

Answer #6

There Are scientists That Actually Believe You Can in Some Hospitals you Can ask when you die to be frozen and in the future they hope that they can find a way to bring you alive…

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