Does anyone still like Miley Cyrus?

does anyone still like miley cyrus? I hate her guts I used 2 think she was awesome but now I took down all my pix of her and tore them up and threw them in the garbage

Answer #1

Shouldn’t hate anybody - you don’t really know her to judge - she has strong points and weak points just like you !! - she appears to have a good heart.

Answer #2

I only ask b/c my friend kolbie tinks she’s awesome

Answer #3

no, for many reasons: she wears too much make up she has big teeth she’s a PREP- I hate preps

Answer #4

I totally Do, and The Jonas suck, they arejsutfamous because of their looks David Archuleta a real artist, COLD PLAY a real band

Answer #5

look no onw like miley cyrus so why would you ask everyone is so in to the jonas brothers or some other famous person

Answer #6

umm I mean I don’t know her to say I don’t like her but I noe for sure that I don’t like her acting skills it seems really fake on hannah montana

Answer #7


Answer #8

I never liked her to begin wit

Answer #9

I still like her - I don’t care what anyone says. :)

Answer #10

Never have, never will

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