Why don't some people like rock music?

Why some people dont like rock and metal.I think they dont listening to lyrics of songs,and they think that theres only noisy music. In my city 95% dont like and hate rock music,so I’m making friends for me from internet,and it still gets me all I need. There the 5%,who like rock,are soad fans,and not ‘cause they like their music -‘couse they are armenian. I havent got any ideas how to find rock lover friends.

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I think I got to agree with you though I havent needed to find people who love rock and metal online im lucky enough that I have a few mates who love it also theres a few rock and alternative bars and clubs where I live so theres always plenty of hmm interesting characters shall I say to meet on ramdom nights out lol you should check out the bars and clubs in your area and see if they do alt nights

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because its different from what they are used to and they are not willing to give it a try. what I do is make friends that have different tastes and music heck you never know you could get them to like some of your music and they could get you to like some of their music. ya never know till you try (= best of luck to ya!

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