Do you think Tupac is still alive???

I know this is kinda old but.. I was looking at some videos on youtube sumbliminal messages?/ and it says that hes hidding in cuba?? and that hes comming back 2014?? just like prince Makaveli did.. years back?? can it be true.. ?? could he of really faked his death???

Answer #1

YES I THINK HE ALIVE!!! but when they find his body than I say he is dead…

Answer #2

thats what they always say…some people still think elvis is alive…I think they all 10 feet below the ground…

Answer #3

I dunno apparewntly mj has fakes his death aswell and will blow everyones mind with a comeback

Answer #4

He comes out with a new album every other year. duh hes alive.

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