How many people still like Sum 41?

How many people still like Sum 41? Their like my fav band.

Answer #1

they were awesome! :D too bad brownsound left though

Answer #2

Sum 41 are sooo coool!!!

Answer #3

oh wow I have no idea what I would do without them =] I am in loveee

Answer #4

I bum sum41 and so do most of my frends ,^^

Answer #5

nice to know people still like them cause there great.

Answer #6

yep listening to them now.

Answer #7

HELL YAH I DO!!! who wouldn’t!?? he he :) I LOVE THEM!!

Answer #8

haha I would be but I’m watching South Park:]

Answer #9

I love them! :)

Answer #10

Lol im literally now just listening to them on I-tunes :D

Answer #11

I love em <33

I love the song Fatlip :]

Answer #12

I do, well some of their songs

Answer #13

yes love them!!!

Answer #14

:] haha they rock :D

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