How do I get my parents to stop getting involved in my life?

Sorry, trying to get used to this new fun advice. I liked it when it was simpler.

Throughout my childhood my parent’s paid attention to me 50% of the time, sometimes less…Now they seem more inclined to get involved in my schooling (niagara college) and my life in general

For God’s Sake I’m 21 Years Old!! I need to prove to them I’m doing my work but they don’t seem to get it. All they say is “Well you should do it earlier…”

Uh excuse me, I have alot of crap on my plate right now. Work, School, and something I’m volunteering for. Yeah, Volunteering. I don’t even have to do this. But I am because it will further me more in my career path.

All I want is for my parents to be cheering me on, not getting in my way. They say they will stop getting on my case once they see the marks….wow am I in high school. This is so Cliche

Stress is just piling up, along with me having to blow off plans with my girlfriend just because I want my parents to stop whining because I go out. I want it all to stop for one night…

Also I can’t afford to move out. I live paycheck to paycheck to pay bills and insurance for vehicle

Answer #1

That is a very good question…I highly doubt that parents ever do stop getting out of their children’s lives because they will forever see you as their baby boy! Yes it is true…take it from one that has been there & is still there…parents will always have to get the last matter how old you will be married kids of your own…you cant get rid of them they are going to be in your life forever!

now if you want them to just give you a breather every now & again, only way to do so is move out! Once you have your own place its on your terms…when its convenient for you or you seem to have a normal adult convo expressing how impossible it is to feel like you’re constantly under surveillance 24/7! Put them to the test…switch roles…have it as if they are being interrogated by you & having you make the assumptions & trying to get involved in every aspect of their lives! once reversed they will understand how you feel…might get offended but will still get the message hopefully!

welcome to life…good luck & hope that helped clarify things!

Answer #2

It’s tough, but as long as you live with them, they’ll most likely always be trying to steer you in the right direction. This means nagging about marks, doing your studies before other things, among many other things. They whine because they care.

Until you have enough money saved to move, unfortunately you’ll have to sit tight and level with them. Try to understand where they’re coming from.

Answer #3

Are they paying for your college? That could be one reason why they are suddenly so interested in how you are doing and pushing you to do better. For some reason, things become more important when money is involved. All I can recommend is to let it go in one ear and out the other…keep doing your thing - you seem to be pretty level-headed. Parents aren’t perfect and sometimes we lose sight of the fact that our babies are growing up.

Answer #4

They want you to succed. They have realized that really they need to sopport you. Be thankful, some perents aren’t there for some. Your perents want you to succed and know that they did a good job.

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