How can I get my parents to stop being so overprotective?

Okay, so my parents are way to over protective!! they read everything I do on the computer, and won’t let me go to a lot of places that my friends go! They say they are doing it for my protection, but it get really annoying a lot of the time! can anybody help me with this problem?

Answer #1

Just be thankful you have parents who care, Love, and look after your best interests…many, many Don’t.

Answer #2

mine are over protective so i just dont tell them anything cuz then they wont know anything and just delete your stuff on the computer after…i put a password on my computer so mym om cant get in

Answer #3

Show that you can be responsible and even if you might lie(?) Tell the truth and make no mistakes. Just try to be the ‘Good Girl’ for a while and when they feel they can trust you… they might let you go.

Hope it Works!

Answer #4

umm, well… my mom is overprotective… i, normaly after i do something, delete it… trust me. it helps. :] im sorry i cant help more funmail me if u have any more questions

Answer #5

I think they’re just being good and responsible parents. Be grateful; more parents need to be like that.

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