How can I get my parents to stop being mad at me?

im reely sad, and depressed. ok yesterday was halloween for me and I didnt want to go trick or teating so I agreeded to my dad I would go to just walk around and watch my little neighbours get candy. my dad and my neighbours family went out and my dad is an acholic and well he had a huge freakin thing that could be close to a I wouldnt said half but a little more than a gallon. and I took it away from him because he was SOOO drunk(when he went t go sit down he fell off the rock) and it was a pretty big rock! I took the drink away and said your so drunk you cant stop e from taking a sip(im 13) so I did and that thing was REELY STRONG!!! my neighbours cousin took the drink and dumped it for me(o ya my dad has a bad heart) its so bad that he could have a heart attack and die. my dad is narsistic and bipolar and he has childhood issues(dad use o beat him and make him blead) o ya and he had a sister he never tod me bout. my mom told me. so anyway he had a fit and went home and when I got home he was so drunk he locked my mom out of the bedroom. my mom go so mad she told him this is the biggest mistake of your life and she went to go sleep on the couch. the next morning I went to her and asked her if she was mad at me she said yes. I said y. she said because I asked you to clean the food that was in your room and you never did. and she said you have a trondle bad and you didnt ask me if I wanted to sleep inn it. I said you never asked. so now she mad at me and my father. this morning I cleaned my room to make her happy and I told her and she didnt care . what can I do to make her not mad. how can I just be happy

Answer #1

Tried to read your question but it was just too painful. Take some time to gather your thoughts and write something that expresses what you have to say in a clear, concise manner. You will be amazed at how many more people will actually read what you have to say.

Answer #2

Dear jenniferandabe102607, Call 1-800-668-6868 this is the kids help line. They can help you. You have been born into a very dysfunctional family and you are going to need counselling and support. Seek out your school counsellor or call your local health clinic. Your job is not to make your parents life easier or happier…that is their job. Your parents are making some very bad choices and they are dragging you down with them. Not all families are like this and there is help for families that are. Your only job is to make sure you get counselling and learn ways to cope. Get help now. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

pls help

Answer #4

pussy just man up

Answer #5

do what the other person said your parents are breaking the law

Answer #6

I doubt your mom is really mad at you. It sounds like she’s under so much stress about your dad that it’s just spilling over to everyone. It’s good that you cleaned your room, just keep doing what she says and being sympathetic and if you think of a way to help her, like with chores or offering her your trundle bed, do it. If your mom is like mine she’ll be grateful and make it up to you once she stops being so upset about other things and can notice how nice you’re being. As for your dad, if he’s an alcoholic your best bet is probably to try not to care as much about what he says to you. I know that’s tough but maybe the helpline the other person wrote about can help.

Answer #7

dude, I feel ure pain, my dad gets pissed off at me all the time for no reason at all. just let ure mom calm down and give her some space, cause obviously she’s going though something, for getting mad at you for CLEANING YOUR ROOM, SOMETHING EVERY PARENT SHOULD BE PROUD OF THEIR CHILD FOR DOING. good luck!

Answer #8

I dont rrly like my parent they get mad for no reson they are totally weird

Answer #9

do what the other person said your parents are breaking the law

Answer #10

my parents always get mad at me! do more things for your mom and eventually she will sttop being mad. when my parents are mad they become all rude and mean. I hate it when it happens!

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