How can I get my parents to let me have a life?

my parents are like being stupidish. they are making me get a B average. like my average grade point average last year was like a 2.2 I think and now its still the same but they wont let me do anything unless I get a 3.0! how do I convince them otherwise. I mean like they wont even let me stay up past 11:30 on school nights and I cant do my homework in hte mornings anyway I have to do it before bed. I mean they said if it gets worse ill have to do my homeowrk before I hang out with poeple on school days. instead of when I get home! help! they wont let me have a life!

Answer #1


Your education is the most important thing. It sound stupid and all adult-like and strict, but I’m telling you…trust me. You’ll thank your parents later. All my friends who slacked off in school are working at Starbucks or Einsteins. A small handful of us who worked hard are off getting our college degrees.

When you grow up and friends are less important (which eventually happens), you’ll be glad for a good job with good money.

Answer #2

I think your parents are trying to help you balance your life. A lot of times we get caught up in the lives of are friends, going out and having fun, etc. and that’s all good and exciting, but if that is the only thing your life consists of you will be lacking in other areas. There are parts of your life you need to develop. Your parents have been where you are, which I know sounds completely imposssible. Good parents know what their children need to succeed in life. Yours sound like they want you to be successful and its very difficult to achieve success without education.

I think friendship and the connections with other people are what make this life enjoyable. Achievements like graduation, promotions, etc are less of an achievement if you have no one to share them with. That said, you can’t achieve those things with out education.

Your parents are trying to give you a life. They don’t want the only thing going for you to be that you’re great at texting your friends. They most likely want you to be great at a number of things. I wouldn’t be too hard on them because they really are watching out for you. Its not fun being out of control of your life, but if you really think about it, you were out of control before they were in control, so get back in control and work on all sides of who you are not just the most fun ones.

Answer #3

School can get stressful at times, but hang in there. It’ll pay off, trust me! Your parents mean well and they are your t r u e friends. Remeber that.

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