Why do parents have to get involved?

do parents have to get involved with their kids fights??

Answer #1

wow… she’s not trying to make you stop being friends with her?! I’m sorry my mom thinks you’re the best person that has came into my life && helped me so much && without you I’m nothing && she knows that && she doesn’t want to see me lose my best && last friend I have..

Answer #2

Because most parents want to protect their children.

Answer #3

accept for the fact that your mom texted chelsi && said “I’m upset with you” && she said “why?” && your mom said “because you’re still friends with kelly after what she did to brooke”

&& I’ve been trying to apologize for like 3 months now && the only reason I was being mean is because you wouldn’t accept it and stop being childish so as long as you’re going to act like a little kid..so will I.

I miss you brooke more than anything && I know you’re still SUPERR pissed at me, && I understand I would be too but im sorry. thats all I can say…

Answer #4

she’s not my parent. that’s the thing she’s the other girl’s mom && my 2 friends are fighting && one of their mom’s is trying to get me to stop being friends with the other one.

Answer #5

Lol because are lives are soo boaring we just have to bug our kids while we have the chance.

Answer #6

because for a number of reasons. 1.what ichibanarky said 2.for the kids protection 3.so that it wont happen againe 4.etc.

Answer #7

well from what you said its because she sees these 2 people as dangerouse they could get you to take sides help you fight for them hurt you in the process, ect your parents dont want you to be a part of there fight and because there fighting, dont want you to be anywere near them either really though, its probably for your own good

Answer #8

well she isn’t trying to solve it she is trying to make me stop being friends with someone just because the girl && her daughter are fighting.

Answer #9

Because they want to solve the problem and help as much they can, no parent wants their kids to grow up and hate each other.

Answer #10

Because if it gets out of control and the police are brought in, the parents are often held liable.

Answer #11

welll ugh I just want to go shoot myself in the head!!!

Answer #12

no like stupid high school girl drama fights …

Answer #13

well they should stop~!!!

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