What did you do when your parents divorced?

what did you do when your parents divorced and who did you chose to live with ?

Answer #1

I live with both.. I go to diff houses every few days or week. It was settled to be equal, but if your not equal, obviously you must like one more than the other, but im sure you can change it any time anyway.

Answer #2

My Mother got custody so I lived with her and it is a hard thing to do I am now In foster care and I personalty count it as better in many ways.

Answer #3

live with the one you feel closest to, and dont worry, you’ll see the other one, just because they arent mature enough to stay married doesnt mean you have to suffer. i personally was forced into joined custody, i chose to live with my dad after around 5 years of joined custody because my mother was trying her hardest but just couldnt communicate with me as a teenager and i needed someone to talk to, that being my dad. like i said, choose the one you are closest to if you must choose, dont worry about hurting their feelings, it obviously didnt bother them to hurt each other’s

Answer #4

When my parents divorced, my father kept the house since he had the income to afford it, and mom was forced to find an apartment on the other side of town. Because my father had separated himself emotionally from the rest of the family long before the marriage failed, my sisters wanted to stay with mom. I stayed with dad because I would have significantly more room in his house than I would with my mother and sisters in their new tiny apartment.

Six months later, he kicked me out, giving me two weeks to leave because I was “putting a damper on his social relationships,” which ultimately meant he had met someone and didn’t want me to be around.

My life has been interesting, needless to say.

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