How do you stop your divorced parents from fighting (read more)?

… and how do you deel with your dad expecting more out of you when your best isnt good enough???

Answer #1

There is nothin u can really do to stop them fighting except talk to them and tell them how its affecting u. If your dad expects to much from you then he will never be satisfied and thats not fair. Just tell him your trying ur best and if he dont quit then dont try to impress him do it for YOU

Answer #2

thx angel

Answer #3

ooh,,that’s pretty hard. it would be fine that after they divorced they are still in good terms but it’s difficult to see your parents fighting and cursing each other.

Try to talk to both of them. better air what you feel than vent your emotions with someone or keep it in your heart. if it doesnt work, then leave everything to God, at least you did your part :)

Answer #4

Ur welcome :) Good luck sorry for your situation

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