DO you think parents ahould be able to control who their kids date?

Answer #1

Yes, if i was about to ruin my life dating some scum bag i would want my parents to share their feelings on the subject so i dont make any mistakes. parents have every right in my opinion, they raises their kids and have special insticts and who knows the person youre dating could be a psycho path, would u want your parents to warn you, or tell you they have suspicions?

Answer #2

no of course not i mean your kid loves who they love…

Answer #3

thats what i think^

Answer #4

Well I don’t think they should control who their kids date but I’m fine with the idea of them influencing thir kids…Like my mom always wanted me to date this girl but she never forced it, also my parents didn’t know the girl I’m dating and didn’t meet her for awhile and they were fine with it. So I guess I’m trying to say that it’s ok for them to voice their opinion but it’s not ok to force it on you ya know?

Answer #5

yupperz but everyone elses is saying yea, but i still think its just wrong.

Answer #6

yea, i was asking this for my friend. her mom MADE her and her boyfriend tbreak up.

Answer #7

To a certain extent. I dont think you should date a rapist or drug dealer etc. so i would hope your parents would do something about it. Teenagers could fall inlove with a rock, most of the time its just lust or a way to rebel.

Answer #8

yes and no. yes if they are like a killer or something. but if they do dr ugs or are bad i dont think thats a reason for parents to say no because just because who you are with does something doesnt mean that you will do it to and your aloud to love whoever you want, how would the parents like it if the kid said divorce dad i dont like the things he does so you cant be with him. and they technacly are not the boss, theres no law that sais your parents are the boss of you, yes they gave birth to u but there isnt a law that sais giving birth automatically puts the parent in charge kids are not property parents do not owne them. in my opinion its kindof like slavery, its not like the kid asked to be born it just happend so parents cant just boss kids around when they didnt ask for any of this. im sure im gonna get lots of sh!t for saying this, but its my opinion

Answer #9

Well i dont know anyone who’s parents made them break up with their gf/bf but I have a couple of friends whos parents said they couldnt date til a certain age but they did anyway and just kept it private, so if your friend genuinely cares about the guy she was dating they should be able to find a way to make it work

Answer #10

No unless they no for a fact that person may harm there kids then let them date who they want to. and i hate wen parents use that they hav a bad feeling about them wen they hav no idea who the person is. how would u feel if sum1 wouldnt let ur kid dater theres cuz they didnt like them.

Answer #11

I think parents can only control who u date when thr underage, though I don’t believe its right. Parnts shud influence thr children and give thr opinions on what they think of the person thr child is datein. Now we will turn it around ask ur parents how they wud feel if u tried to control who they dated or who thr friends were. Well they won’t like it much I know from experiance cuz it like sayin u shud like everyone ur parents do and they shud like who u like, when that not the case at all. People r goin to like who they like and if u try and stop them it will make the situation much worse. Well hope I helped have a great day

Answer #12

I dont think so cuz theres more to one person than just their background and im pretty sure parents are going to judge them with that (one of my friends are like that). It really annoyes the hel out of me when parents do this but i also think that they should beable to tell their kids what they think about them and make a serious dicision about whether that person is right for you. Seeing how your parents view the person your dating is a good idea, just dont base your dicision simply on what your parents want.

Answer #13

As much as it can suck sometimes, I would have to say yes. They have a lot of say so of who you date, that’s why you bring a boyfriend home for approval.. Parents may seem like they are pushing too hard, and may get annoying when it comes to this subject, but I guess that is their odd way of showing that they care and look out for you. Parents want the best for their child, and if they seee their child with someone that they think might bring them down, or be a bad influence upon them, then they are going to try anything to keep their child away from that person. Even if that means making their child upset.

Answer #14

Not control or choose, but they should watch who their kid is getting involved with.

Answer #15

absolutely not. in my case no…my parents smuther me too much for me to care about what they have to say now. i trust that i have good judgment and that i’m not gonna do anything stupid. but i do take what they have to say into consideration because they are my parents and sometimes they do know what’s best…kinda depends on the person decision skills

Answer #16

Yes I think they should if they see their daughter|son being mistreated.I mean the kid should have freedom.But if they want that freedom they need to know who is scum and who isn’t.

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