In love with someone my parents don't think I should date

Okay so, as yall know im 15. & I have a 18 year old boyfriend- he just turnt 18 in March. My parents dont think I should date him (they have no clue I am right now) I can’t help that im pretty much inlove with the boy. They just dont understand. And im so not sure what I should do about it. – so what do yall think ? I really like him and he said he would wait for me till im like 18 or my parents began to like him and everything be alright. . . What do yall think?

Answer #1

I would like keep bringing him around your parents so they get to know him and like him. Don’t give your parents any reason to not trust you other wise you’ll go through h*ll. Believe me been there. You can’t help your feelings for this guy so I would just try and bring him around your parents as much as you can so they can see that he’s a good guy.

Answer #2

That is a tough one. Especially when they guy is quite a bit older. I’m in basically the same situation (age wise) I’m 16 and my boyfriend is about to turn 19… the thing is… he use to work for my dad and babysit for my brother so my parents know him really well… and know that he is a good kid so they don’t really worry about anything… If your parents don’t really know your boyfriend very well, I’d say that is the main problem. Talk to them about the way you feel about him and that you aren’t planning on doing anything bad with him… then have him over.. let your parents get to know him… he should grow on them.

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