Painting my room

I want to paint my room turqious, lime green with black stripes…do you think thaat owuld look good???

Answer #1

I don’t know. You could make it look good.

But it’s YOUR room. So if you think it looks good, do it!

My mom thought my bright green would look HORRIBLE. But I liked the color and went through with it. I love my bright green room. :)

Answer #2

Possibly, depending on how you do it. I like the look of various sized stripes, like in this picture. Maybe only on one wall, and brown instead of black.

Answer #3

Turquoise and black is pretty together! But, the lime green w/ the turquoise will clash–badly lol

How about a darker peach(more on the pink side not the orange side) or maybe even a dark yellow. If your room is small though, these darker colors are going to make it seem even smaller. {•:)>

Answer #4

No Thats a tacky mess. Sorry :)

Answer #5

I think it’d look good if you do it right =)

Answer #6

I would stick with either turquoise or lime green with black

Answer #7

Not really - no

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