How overweight must one be to get the gastric bypass surgery?

How much does it cost? I recently found out that due to excess dieting in my younger years, my metabolism is screwed up for good, and now no matter how much I restrict or even just exercise and eat healthy, there is no chance of any of my current weight coming off again. I was told this by 2 doctors and was confirmed by similar stories online. Please help- getting more depressed by the day. (and yes, I seek aid from mental health physicians as well, so please none of that bullshit.)

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its not just all about ones wieght, other factors play a role in the doc desicion to decide to preform a gastric bypass. next time you go to see your doc ask him about it and see what he has to say.

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Yeah, not gonna happen. In order to get the surgery you would need to be mentally stable. Given your issues with eating, no surgeon would do it. Oh, and you need a bmi of about 40.

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